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Time for more discovery in 'Hello World'

Happy holidays! Here's The Mika Channel's present for you: a new episode of the travel and discovery programme 'Hello World'. From a tour of Budapest to an immersion into Europe's best Christmas Market, from a visit to a closing funfair to the compilation of the funniest images we found, the show has something to interest everyone once again

Hosted by Cindy Sonners, it features reports by Mika BV.

Watch the second episode below, along with the summary. Hope you enjoy!


- Hello World Travel Guides, for the city of Budapest. - Snapshot of the closing down of the Schueberfouer funfair

- What's Goin' On?, compiling the funniest images collected on our travels.

- Snapshot of a visit to the Natzwiller concentration camp

- Focus Front, with reports on the Trier and Strasbourg Christmas Markets

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