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The Mika Channel Talkshow


What makes a song get famous? Is food being overused in media? Where is technology going? These topics and a whole lot more are discussed in The Mika Channel Talkshow, hosted by Mika BV and featuring Julien Wald and Alex Di Biaggio as panelists.

Production Details

The talkshow was confirmed shortly after the last episode of 'Waiter, Waiter...' was released, following its success, with the same team participating in a talkshow. The programme would be arranged into three sections: a discussion about a current popular topic, advice given following a viewer's demand and an interesting or funny piece of media (video or series of images) shown. The episodes were released throughout the first half of 2015 and received little success. According to Mika BV, "it didn't really end up as planned, we had a good concept but it needed to be worked on further with a more dynamic production". Therefore it was confirmed the show would not return for a second season with the current format. Mika BV did, however, state a growing interest in working on a new project for a talkshow, a "larger scale production with more people involved and a more developed concept", and although planning for this was in full swing in 2017, the project never managed to come to life.

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Talkshow, Entertainment


Mika BV


Mika BV


Julien Wald

Alex Di Biaggio






10-15 minutes



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