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Florent's History Cabin

Florent Tarnalio takes viewers on a journey through history in his famous cabin, as he and reporter Mika BV explain historical events and periods from a different and interesting angle.

Production Details

The historical programme, hosted by Florent Tarnalio with the help of Mika BV, dates all the way back to the early Mika Channel (2011-2013) where rough versions of a similar show had already been released. The modernised version was first announced in the winter of 2014, where the first episode was published, about the Suez Canal. The historical magazine aims to "explain historical events and themes in a way accessible to all", according to Florent Tarnalio. It was announced that the show would not be released in seasons like most other programmes on the Mika Channel, but rather with occasional individual episodes. However, no further episodes were produced.

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Florent Tarnalio


Florent Tarnalio


Mika BV




10 minutes



All Episodes
Episode N°1 (2014)
The Suez Canal, an opening between worlds
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