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About Us

The Mika Channel was first created on June 5th, 2011 as a small blog-like website with videos on it. These ranged from language lessons to cooking shows and history or science "cabins", and featured Mika BV as well as several other hosts, many of whom still work with us. The videos were posted on a irregular and occasional basis, and by early 2014 it could be noted that only 3 videos had been posted over the course of the year and it was decided to make The Mika Channel into a more active website, where original programmes of all genres would be published on a more regular basis, so as to create a type of Web TV. Several hosts were called in, along with an assistant producer and other contributors to form the Mika Channel Team, which you can read more about below. Throughout the years of 2014 to 2015, many programmes were published, with our goal to work towards increasing our audience by producing shows of many genres. In June 2016, we made a huge leap forward by introducing this new, much more complete website, along with publishing our programmes to YouTube and the introduction of a news blog and social media pages. After a hiatus in the first half of 2017, the channel was planning be re-open its doors in June 2017, and keep producing "Entertainment for Everyone. However, due to various factors, this never happened, and the channel has since decided to close for an indefinite period of time. Plans for a similar channel under a new name, with updated versions of many of our programmes along with new creations, are not to be outruled, however.

The Team
Mika BV
founder, director, producer and host
Founder of the The Mika Channel in 2011, Mika BV started, and developed the website and production of videos before others joined him, as a producer, but also the host of many programmes. Since the editorial change in 2014, Mika served as the director of the channel and has created, produced, hosted and participated in many shows, including "Mika's Mystery Moment", "The Mika Channel Talkshow", "Waiter, Waiter..." and "Hello World".
André Delots
co-director, producer and head of programmes
Key member of the channel since the early days, André Delots has not often been seen on screen but has created and produced many shows, and has assisted Mika BV in the leading of the channel. In 2014 he took on the role of co-director and has since produced numerous programmes, such as "The Song of The Week" and "Hello World". He also made an appearance as a contestant on "The Big Cooking Challenge".
Florent Tarnalio
host and editor
Originally an author and historian, Florent Tarnalio has served as the knowledgeable host of many scientific and historical programmes since the Mika Channel's beginnings. In 2014, Tarnalio debuted a new fomat for his reputed shows "Florent's History Cabin" and "Florent's Science Moment". He has also worked as an editor for numerous shows throughout time, preparing plans and scripts for himself and his colleagues.
Violet Deschamps
Violet Dechamps has been a host at the Mika Channel since its early years, presenting mainly small cooking programmes. Before the editorial change in 2014, Deschamps also scripted portions of videos and contributed as an editor. Since then she has hosted "The Cooking Show" and has worked on developing new concepts, notably in the field of culture and reports, none of which were produced.
Cindy Sonners
host and editor
Cindy Sonners was recruited by André Delots in late 2011, where she was working as a journalist for a magazine in the UK. She immediately integrated the channel where she hosted a show with Florent Tarnalio and made valuable editorial contributions. Since 2014, she has taken on two shows of her own: "The Song of The Week" and "Hello World", and continued to work as an editor too.
John Manton
actor and editorial consultant
John Manton has been working as an actor for both film and television for a long time, and was initially invited to have an eponymous mystery and comedy show on The Mika Channel back in its early days, which turned out a big success. However he decided to leave for Australia for a part in a sitcom in 2013, from where he continued to work for the channel as an editorial consultant. Shortly before the channel's closing, talks began about a possible return, with a new detective series, or a game show.
Other Contributors
The Mika Channel has also been fortunate to have other contributors since its creation in 2011, who although not being part of 'The Team', we could not have done without: freelance camera director Neel Chrillesen who worked with us throughout our period of activity, Julien Wald and Alex Di Biaggio who took part in several shows in 2014-2015, Julie Martins who worked as a host and editor from 2011-2013, and Nelly and Jan Chrillesen who served as juries in "The Big Cooking Challenge".
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