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Waiter, Waiter...


Meet the worst waiter around and his even stranger clients in this comedy mini-series. In this fine restaurant, rappers and businessfolk all meet, and expect far more from the new-to-the-job waiter than he can supply, which often leads to some comical situations.

Production Details

The comedy mini-series includes five episodes of an average length of two minutes. Each includes several skits between the waiter and his clients, inspired by classic waiter jokes. The series was confirmed in autumn 2014, written by Mika BV, and starring the latter as well as Julien Wald and Alex Di Biaggio who would perform in two roles each. The season was released throughout the winter and it was confirmed there would not be a second. However, due to its success, a future series of similar style was not outruled. The collaboration between the three participants later led to the much less successful 'Mika Channel Talkshow'.

Technical Sheet



Created by






Theme Song


N° of Seasons


N° of Episodes


Running Time





Mika BV


Mika BV

Julien Wald

Alex Di Biaggio


Fire, by Gavin DeGraw






2 minutes



All Episodes
Episode N°1're doing everything wrong!
Episode N°3
...I'll give you one last chance!
Episode N°2
...this is a misunderstanding!
Episode N°4
...I guess that's life!
Episode N°5
...are you leaving so soon?
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