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The Cooking Show

Violet Deschamps hosts this cooking programme which demonstrates how to make small but delicious meals through simple, guided steps. Starters, small meals and desserts: a large palette of flavours is on the menu.

Production Details

This very basic cooking show, inspired by videos on the earlier Mika Channel (2011-2013), first made its appearance in late autumn 2014, hosted by Violet Deschamps, with a season of five episodes produced over the year 2015, with only 2 ever being released. Due to its basic and unoriginal nature, the show did not receive very much attention and it was therefore confirmed that a second season would not be published under this same format and that the show would not return for a new season.

Technical Sheet



Created by




N° of Seasons


N° of Episodes


Running Time





Mika BV


Violet Deschamps






5 minutes



All Episodes
Episode N°1
Carrot Cake
Episode N°2
Cold Beetroot Soup
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