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Hello Viewers and Hello World: New Programme Coming Your Way

This past year, Mika Channel teams have been working on a new travel and discovery show, which we are proud to present today. "Hello World" combines humour, information and rhythm in a very enticing package, with 4 main segments, and some other smaller ones.

Hosted by Cindy Sonners, the programme features reports by Mika BV.

Find below the first episode, along with the summary. Hope you enjoy!


- Around The World Vlog, with a tour of Stockholm featuring local Alex Di Biaggio.

- Hello World Travel Guides, for the city of Edinburgh.

- What's Goin' On?, compiling the funniest images collected on our travels.

- Snapshot of a visit to the Spa Monopole factory.

- Focus Front, immersion into a Football Match in the Euro 2016.

- What's Goin' On? Supplement, with all the strangest sightings from the football game.

If you want to appear at the end of our next programme, don't forget to use #HelloWorldDiscover and let us know what your favorite place to travel to is (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), or tell us what you think of the show.

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