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The Big Cooking Challenge

Not all cooking competitions include the most talented amateur or professional cooks. In the Big Cooking Challenge, it's the Mika Channel team that takes on cooking in a series of exciting challenges. Every episode a contestant will be eliminated following a combination of the judges' and viewers' votes.

Production Details

This ambitious programme was first mentioned in late 2015, as a cooking competition for Mika Channel hosts to be released in 2016. The contestants were announced soon after: presenters Florent Tarnalio, Violet Deschamps and Cindy Sonners, but also head of programmes André Delots and actor in an upcoming series John Manton. The judges would be the couple Nelly and Jan Chrillesen, chef and food critic repectively, and the programme would be hosted by Mika BV. Every episode, a cooking 'challenge' is introduced and the judges give scores. This is also the first programme on the Mika Channel to introduce public voting between episodes, via an online poll, and the first episode was released in August 2016, experiencing great success, with the second following shortly therafter. Where the programme was planned to last 5 episodes, the remaining ones ended up being cancelled due to technical difficulties. The programme was "too complex to produce" according to Mika BV, who concluded it be better to work on "other projects".

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Entertainment, Cooking


Mika BV


Mika BV


Jan Chrillesen

Nelly Chrillesen


Violet Deschamps

André Delots

John Manton

Cindy Sonners

Florent Tarnalio


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25 minutes



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