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Hello World

Take a trip around the world and discover new places in this new Mika Channel show! Zoom to new locations with Mika BV in his vlogs, travel guides and reports in Hello World, hosted by Cindy Sonners.

Production Details

The concept for Hello World started to be developed in summer 2015 where 2 segments of the inaugural episode were filmed. The programme, based on the themes of travel and discovery, would include 4 segments: a vlog-type tour of a city or area, a travel guide to a city or area, a compilation of funny images found while travelling, and a short report on a topic to discover, although the format thereafter turned out to be more malleable. The first episode was released in June 2016, hosted by Cindy Sonners and with Mika BV leading the segments. Due to this episode's success, it was decided that the series would continue on a twice-a-year basis. Only one further episode was released, although several segments have since been filmed.

Technical Sheet



Created by






Theme Song


N° of Episodes


Running Time



Travel, Discovery


André Delots


Cindy Sonners


Mika BV


Planet Earth, by 77 Bombay Street




15 - 20 minutes


2016 - present

All Episodes
Episode N°1
June 2016
Episode N°2
December 2016
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