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Florent's Science Moment


In this shortened form of his cabin, Florent Tarnalio shares a small moment of science with the viewers. Enjoy experiments, fun facts or some Q&A, presented in a clear, visual and entertaining way.

Production Details

The short programme based on earlier similar shows of longer duration includes in each episode one of either a short experiment, some scientific facts or a small Q&A. Florent Tarnalio is the only presenter of this version, that was first released in late 2014, with the initial season running through the first half of 2015. Due to general success, the series was renewed for a second season for August 2016, which included no major format changes. The show received little attention, and although a third season was filmed in 2017, it was never produced or released.

Technical Sheet



Created by





N° of Seasons


N° of Episodes


Running Time





Mika BV

Florent Tarnalio


Florent Tarnalio






1-3 minutes


2014 - 2016

Season 1 (2014-15)
Episode N°1
Episode N°3
Episode N°2
Episode N°4
Episode N°5
Season 2 (2016 - present)
Episode N°1
Episode N°2
Episode N°3
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